Online Giving
Giving Online FAQ

If you choose to give online, Cross of Glory Church prefers that you give using an EFT from your bank account.
When you donate using a credit/debit card, less of your donation goes to support ministry.
However, when you donate using an EFT (from your bank account), all of your donation is received by the church.
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Please Note:  If you have ever created an account in My Cross of Glory, you will use the same Username and Password to set up online giving.

Giving From Your Bank Account vs. Giving with Credit/Debit Cards

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - Bank Account

Example:  for a $100 donation made using EFT, Cross of Glory receives $100.

To set up giving using EFT, you will need the Routing Number and Account Number which can be found on your checks.

Using a debit card which is tied to your checking account is NOT an EFT.
It is the same as using a credit card and will incur credit card fees.

Credit and Debit Cards

Example:  for a $100 donation made via credit/debt card, Cross of Glory receives $96 to $97. The other $3 to $4 goes to the credit card company.

While paying with a credit/debit card may be a convenient option, it does have fees associated with it. If you use the credit card option, we encourage you to use it only if you pay off your credit card balance in full each month.

Mission Trip Donations

All donations/payments towards mission trips must include the person's name for whom the gift/payment is designated in the Comment Box to ensure that gifts/payments are properly assigned. Undesignated gifts will be applied to the general trip/event expenses.

The Comment Box will display after beginning your transaction.